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As-Per Services and Supply Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2007 as sourcing and procurement company. Our network of clients and sources span the globe. The Company is primarily engaged in the business of providing to its international clients quality marine equipment and spare parts. Our comprehensive range of products include marine spares, communication, lubricants, cables and much more.

If your marine equipments and spare parts need to be replaced, rest assured that As-Per Services and Supply Pte Ltd can help deliver to your specifications. We firmly believe that our customers around the world deserve quality without having to pay a premium, which is why we work hard to ensure that we provide value-for-money parts and services at the highest level of excellence.

We continue to explore opportunities of participating in other marine services around the world, with growth potential.

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The fulfilment of the highest quality requirements, an outstanding cost-performance ratio, maximum commitment and flexibility and a constant striving for improvement form the foundation of our objective, the unqualified satisfaction of our customers.

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Sister Company with main activities in providing maritime consultancy services, training, port and facilities management.

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