Holdtight 102

Holdtight 102 salt remover/ Flash rust preventer is a one step addictive that prevent flash rusting of wet abrasive and water-blasted iron and steel surfaces and of dry-blasted surfaces in a pressurized wash down. It effectively removes all salt, as well as other contaminants such as oil grease and blast residue.


  • OD: Various Diameter
  • Length: 6000mm-18000mm
  • Steel Standard: API, CE, TUV, ASTM, JIS, EN, DIN, ANSI Standards.

We assure our clients that we serve with high quality products in fully compliance with rules and regulations of API, DNV, ABS, BV 3.1, 3.2 , GL 3.1 and so on.

Hot Rolled Plate

Grades: AH36 /DH36 /EH36/ FH32,FH36,FH40/ SS316

  • Standard: ABS/DNV/BV
  • Thickness: 5mm-300mm
  • Width: 1500mm-4200mm

We assure our clients that we serve with high quality products in fully compliance with rules and regulations of API, DNV, ABS, BV3.1, 3.2 , GL 3.1 and so on.

Bulb Flat Steel , Channel Steel , Flat Bar & Round Bar

  • Grades: A36, SS400, Q235B, S235JR, S355JR, A, B, AH32, AH36, AH40, St37-2, A572Gr50
  • Steel Standard: EN10067, ASTM, ABS, LR, GL, BV, KR, NK, DNV, JIS G4051, DIN, SAE, AISI

We assure our clients that we serve with high quality products in fully compliance with rules and regulations of API, DNV, ABS, BV(3.1, 3.2) , GL and so on.

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane (EOTC)

Crane Application: Your lifting solution for your production line

We are able to offer Advance, Quality and Reliable Cranes & Overhead Cranes Lifting equipment at market beating prices.

EOTC (Electric Overhead Traveling Crane) allows the movement of loads in all type of industries and applications. They are designed to cover most manufacturing process lifting requirements.

Our EOTC are manufactured via strong and modular construction. They are available in a wide range of capacities, spans and extremely adaptable to your demand. Our Standard hoist lifting capacities varies from 1 ton to 100 tonnes. For higher lifting capacities, 0pen winch/customized cranes/ built up trolleys can lift up to 400 tonnes.

Cold Galvanizing Spray

Protection of hot-dip galvanizing (Marine and Petrochemical industries)

RectorSeal® Cold Galvanizing Spray fights rust and corrosion with galvanic action like that of hot-dip galvanizing. Economical and easily applied.

RectorSeal™ Cold Galvanizing Spray provides the protection of hot-dip galvanizing plus the convenience of on the job aerosol application. RectorSeal Cold Galvanizing Spray contains 95% pure zinc and forms a tough, durable, and flexible zinc metal coating that bonds electrochemically with the base metal to protect against rust and corrosion.

95% pure zinc, Electrochemical bond, Quick drying, Minimal surface preparation, Easy aerosol application, Stops rust and corrosion on any iron or steel surface, Use indoors and outdoors, Permanent, flexible.

It is recommended for marine, mining, petrochemical, off-shore structures, and HVAC installations. It is 95% pure zinc, ideal for fabricated metal, is methylene chloride free, and meets MIL-P-46105, MIL-P-26433, MIL-P-21035, and MIL-P-26915A

Denso Tape

Cold applied anti-corrosion and sealing tapes based on a synthetic fabric, impregnated and coated with a neutral petrolatum compound. The first petrolatum tape manufactured in the UK was Denso Tape, manufactured under licence by Winn &Coales (Denso) Limited.

Densyl Tape has a higher application and service temperature range than Denso Tape.

Densyl Mastic is recommended for applications to awkward profiles. i.e. Flanges, Couplings, Valves, etc. Available in a number of sizes and shapes to ease application

Densoseal 16A
Firm fibrous mastic based on mineral fillers, organic fibres and water displacing materials.

Densoseal 16A is packed into the ends of the duct by hand and moulded firmly around cables and against the duct to ensure there are no gaps or fissures. The mastic should be packed to a depth of at least equal to the diameter of the duct. Surfaces should be free from loose rust, scale, dirt or previous sealants.

Other Supporting Marine and Offshore Spares